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Tenant Placement Services

Class Act Property Management has been renting houses, duplexes, and multi-unit properties in Oregon since 2000. We recognize that some landlords want help finding qualified tenants for their property, but want to manage it themselves.

Class Act’s Placement Service is the answer.

Tenant Placement

1. We will market your property the same way we market our other properties.

Your vacancy will get all the same website exposure, advertising, leasing agent attention, signage, and showings as a property on a long-term management would receive. We work hard to get properties rented quickly regardless of whether we are going to manage them.

2. You make all the decisions.

We will contact you when we have an application. We will show the property; receive the application; pull credit, rental history, and verify employment; and review the application with you. Since you will be managing the tenant you should be making the decision on who gets approved and the terms of the lease. We will get your authorization in writing and prepare the paperwork, just as you have approved it.

3. We will have the tenant sign a lease naming you (your LLC, Corporation, or Land Trust) as the landlord.

This lease has been perfected and revised for over 15 years. We have examined leases from dozens of other management companies in Oregon, taken the best ideas, added our own experiences and wisdom, refined the policies and procedures through trials and court challenges, reviewed every word with multiple attorneys who specialize in Oregon landlord-tenant law, and updated every year as new laws are passed or amended. We are very proud of the depth to which the lease protects the owner of the property. You will not find a more complete or thorough lease in use with any other property manager.

View the lease >>

4. We will do the Move-In Inspection.

We will meet the tenant at the property; document the condition; log the make, model, and color of the appliances; hand over keys; and get the security deposit and pro-rated first month’s rent in certified funds made out to you. You hold the deposit, not Class Act.

5. You get all the original papers and security deposit.

Within 8 days of their move-in, you will receive all the signed documents, application, credit report, security deposit, and tenant contact information. We keep half of the first month’s rent as our fee.

Think about it:

  • We do the advertising
  • We show the property
  • We investigate the applicant
  • You get to approve the deal
  • We prepare a rock-solid lease and addendums
  • We do the move-in inspection
  • You get the security deposit
  • You get the keys and the contact information
  • You do the management
  • You get our marketing machine, our leasing staff, our qualifying system, our lease, our forms, our addendums and exhibits, and the benefit of our move-in procedures.

Here’s what to do:

  • Submit your property information so that we can run a Rental Market Analysis (pull rental comps). You will receive this report within 24 hours, except on weekends.
  • Pay the $300 marketing fee (see explanation of the marketing fee below).
  • Give us the keys.
  • Go play golf!
  • We’ll do the rest; it is that simple!

Why it makes good sense to pay Class Act a $300 marketing fee to get into the Tenant Placement program

There are two reasons we collect a marketing fee before we list the property.

Experience has taught us that investors who use this service are entrepreneurs and hands on people. They will place their property on the market with Class Act just to see what happens, and continue to advertise and look for their own tenant. No one sits back, folds their hands and waits for us to lease the property. They keep trying to rent it themselves and we understand.

Too often, after listing the property with us, owners will accept an applicant (many times an unqualified one) from another source, and withdraw the listing to keep from paying our fee. This was frustrating and very expensive. We have learned over time that we should expect this and not try to prevent it. Although it was unfair to Class Act, we could not figure out how to prevent it. So we stopped trying. The advance fee helps us recover some of our initial marketing expenses when this situation occurs. Now you can rent your own property, after listing with Class Act, and pay nothing extra.

Secondly, it’s expensive to send someone to the property to take digital pictures, crop and clean them up, list the property in dozens of websites, put up a sign, and a lockbox. It takes a lot of time and manpower to get this done. The $300 advance fee helps cover some of these expenses and shows us that you are serious about tapping into our system. We don’t want everybody jumping on board “just to see how it works” as it takes too much time, labor, and money getting a property into the system.

Exhaust your other options first. Try to rent it yourself. If it doesn’t work, we would love to help you, but we want you to be serious enough to have some skin-in-the-game before we take on your property. We want to do a good job and a little seed-money is necessary to do it right.

With this advanced fee we can now encourage you to ‘keep trying to rent it yourself’. We are no longer afraid of you finding your own tenant after you list with us. In fact, we encourage it. We will still help with the qualifying, lease preparation, execution, and move-in inspection if you want us to for a reduced fee. Let’s work together to make it happen.

The cost of the Tenant Placement service is $300 to get started, plus half of the first month's rent when we lease the property.

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